semitone accordion

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Classification: 4 Aerofony / 41 Aerofony wolne / 412 Aerofony wolne interrupcyjne / 412.1 Aerofony idiofoniczne interrupcyjne lub stroikowe / 412.13 Stroiki przelotowe / 412.132 Zestawy stroików przelotowych / 412.132-62-8 Zestawy stroików przelotowych z elastycznym zbiornikiem powietrza, z klawiaturą
Maker: Gawron Leon
Date: 1936
Village / Town: Częstochowa
Region: Lesser Poland
Country: Polska
Owner: Musical Instrument Museum, department of the National Museum in Poznań
Inventory number: MNP I 1415
Description: an accordion, so-called semitone accordion, chromatic, three-row with 17+18+17 melodic keys on both sides; separate foot basses, the so-called nogofon (missing): 12 buttons and bellows system
Sound compass, tuning: different scales depending on the type and specimen; usually the melody keyboard is arranged in minor-third rows composing the chromatic scale B♭– b♭´´´
Catalog card by: Janusz Jaskulski, Beniamin Vogel

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